Always leading – never following

– AS 33

AS 33 Glider

15 m and 18 m wingtips

What’s inside?

Becker 8.33 kHz COM with crisp and clear sound, a fully certified altimeter, a Mode-S VT-01 (class 2) transponder. All with a single 57 mm control display. Easy to use, bright screen and compact.

Our AS33 is fitted with LX 9070 together with a V8 variometer, extremely bright, 7” colour display, WiFi module, BT module, integrated Flarm and HAWK, leather remote control stick.

Nano is the smallest IGC flight recorder ever built. Operation without any cables and chargers! A battery serves up to 36h with advanced power management. The Nano has a rocker button for easy handling.

ASI – airspeed indicator 7 FMS 421 range 0 – 300 km/h, 57 mm Ø, 510°, color marking for AS 33 Es. Großkinsky-variable-camber flap-ring, engraved for AS 33 Es.

Division: 5° lettering: white

Sage Variometer is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality handmade mechanical instrument in the world. The unique method of operation incorporating a brass bellows yields one of the fastest response times.

Compact, light, smart. Flarm-to-Flash interface. The most advanced flash-controller. Our AS33 AeroFlash connected to Flarm provides fully automatic flash activation and power-saving when you need it. Always ON mode available in potentially dangerous situations also maximum light output for extremely demanding situations which require best visibility.

On the right bottom corner of the instrument panel we have USB phone charger socket. Don’t worry if you miss to charge your phone before go flying 🙂

For proper electrical system operation, the glider is equipped with 3 x LiFePo4 type batteries.

The ATL-88 series of Emergency Parachute have ETSO approval EASA.210.1011 Rev. 1 from EASA. A, issued May 14, 2008.

The glider is fitted with our designed electric propulsion for bug wipers. For more information please check system manual in Downloads section.

The equipment

With a COBRA trailer you are always first at the starting line! Going to the airport is a pleasure, because COBRA trailer consistently holds the road well, whether loaded or unloaded. AS33 assembly or disassembly can be carried out with the trailer still attached to the towing vehicle. The large opening angle and the handy loading aids make it very easy to load the sailplane parts. AS33 is safe from damage while inside the trailer.

The extra’s we have onboard of our COBRA:

  • SL – package, wing stands;
  • Foldable central rail + extension, hydraulic lifting unit;
  • Solar ventilator;
  • Lockable drawer under the trailer 120 x 80 x 18 cm;
  • Alko safety coupling for hitch lock;
  • IMI tail dolly;
  • Adapter 13/7 pin;

The system is very easy to use. You can set the system to begin releasing oxygen at a desired altitude. The EDS senses the pressure change when you inhale, and releases a calibrated dose of O2, depending on your altitude. You will stay fit at altitude and make better decisions during your flights with a good oxygen supply.

For easy ground handling we have some SoaringXX equipment on the list:

  • The most innovative wing walker with 360 degree rotation!
  • Electronic One Man Rigging System;
  • Tow out bar Giga;
  • Canopy cover.

New generation and design JAXIDA covers are high-tech material developed for the toughest outdoor use, which protects perfectly with nano additives. The combination of breathability, waterproofness and a soft inner side provides protection and value retention. A material that can withstand even permanent and strong UV radiation. The cockpit stays cool. Ice and snow slide off.

Equipment available and ready for your daily use:

  • Water filters system;
  • 5 L bucket;
  • Water flow meter with hoses and couplings;
  • Tail tank filling hose with adapter;
  • “RAYPATH” – sunbeam drying cloth (blue)
  • Soft cloths and paper;
  • TESA tape;
  • Wiper for quick surface drying;
  • Antistatic canopy cleaning napkins and aerosol cleaner;
  • NOVUS plastic clean & shine repellent for surface;
  • 12V DC air compressor with nipple for wheel pressure maintenance;
  • CLAW tie down equipment;
  • Industrial cleaner and grease;
  • Rechargeable vacuum cleaner;
  • Small toolbox for basic use.

Our AS33 and equipment meets high maintenance standards. We do not expect you to replace or fix something unserviceable. Gliding – technical sport, that’s why always there is a risk that could happen unexpectedly. If it’s unavoidable we have some spare parts available in a trailer:

  • Spare wheels (main and tail);
  • Spare main landing gear forks;
  • Spare bug wipers set;
  • Spare LiFePo4 battery.


EYKS – S. Dariaus & S. Girėno aerodrome – Kaunas, Lithuania

Rental prices

Price per day
(€, ex VAT)
Price per day
(€, incl 21% VAT)
AS33 15/18 m
up to 7 days220266,20
up to 14 days215260,15
up to 21 days and more210254,10
(€, ex VAT)
(€, incl 21% VAT)
Deposit fully refundable*3000N/A
Transportation fee**

Prices in Euro (EUR).

*The deposit is fully refundable in of case of no damage. Any repair costs, open amounts, fees or fines will be subtracted from the refundable deposit amount.

**Listed prices are not applicable for transportation period. For more details please get in contact with us.

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