WDU wipers drive unit “SPLIT”

1,299.00 (incl. Tax 1,571.79)

"SPLIT" wipers drive unit designed for glider types with limited space in a fuselage. This type of system available to mount each bay in three different orientations. For details, please check manual and gallery for better perception.


-Motor bay L x W x H 145 x 48 x 78 mm (dimensions of plunger and mounting brackets are not included)

-Electronics bay L x W x H 145 x 55 x 79 mm (dimensions of sockets, and mounting brackets are not included)

-Weight of entire system excluding power source and bug wipers: 1500 grams,

-Operating range: 8 – 14 Volt, Current consumption during operation: unwinding 0,8 A, rewinding 6,0A,

-Max. current consumption: 9,0 A,

-Internal system fuse: 10 A (slow melting),

-Wrong polarity protection.

The functionality:

  • cleaning time up to 25 seconds per side
  • safety features: rope tension micro-switch, automatic shutdown at pre-set value, manual speed control
  • span adjustment
  • one wing cleaning at the time
  • various mounting orientation for easy and flexible installation
  • automatic shut-down indication
  • Coiled rope capacity up to 20 m per wing

Easy settable operation parameters:

  • Current limit FORWARD/REVERSE - automatic shut-off function
  • 4 possible automatic shut-off combinations
  • Automatic shut-off delay
  • 6 possible LED signal light output combinations
  • Overvoltage limit function
  • Low speed load compensation (Rxl)
  • Counter reset function
  • START/STOP ramp function
  • Auto-reversing after shut-down

Scope of delivery:

  • 2 x motor bay
  • 1 x electronics bay
  • 1 x control console
  • 1 x power supply cable
  • 6 x mounting brackets
  • 2 x side wall grommets
  • 10 x fastening adhesive
  • Rope guide tube for each wing
  • Operation manual
  • Sticker
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